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A Taste of Saskatchewan – A Little Something for Everyone By: Rob Parker

Have you ever experienced what it is like to be in the middle? Perhaps you are the middle child in your family, or maybe you have come in somewhere in the middle in a marathon race. If so, then you know that no matter what you have achieved, you are generally going to be overlooked, however unfairly, because of what has happened at the beginning and the end.

Well, this weird fact does not only apply to families or races, but to geography as well. One example is the province of Saskatchewan, which lies right in the middle of Canada. Too often people think of Saskatchewan as a place that is simply on the way to somewhere else, but in fact this beautiful province has several features that give it its own flavour. Let?s take look at a few of them.

Prairies like nowhere else! Saskatchewan is unique in Canada because it is the only province that can boast a true prairie make up in the majority of its geography. This means that the climate is perfectly suited to farming and other agricultural activity, and in fact this is made easy by the soil and the shape of the regions. It?s also ideal for various motor sports pursuits.

Forests! Prairie is not all that can be found in the province. The northern parts of the province are located on the Canadian Shield, and that means plenty of boreal forests and all the opportunities that come with them. Hunting, fishing, and cross-country skiing are all popular past times in the northern regions.

Diversified economy. Because of the difference in the regions of Saskatchewan, there are several ways in which a person can make a living. Mining, forestry, agriculture, and tourism make up a large portion of the economy, but recent expansion has allowed Saskatchewan residents to take hold of much more diversified opportunities such as finance and insurance.

The RCMP. Perhaps one of Saskatchewan?s biggest claims to fame is that all of the members of Canada?s famous Mounted Police receive their training in Regina.

Whether you are looking for large cities, such as Saskatoon and Regina, or smaller towns (right down to farms with miles between them!) Saskatchewan has something to offer everyone.

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A House for Sale – What to Look at Before Buying By: Rob Parker

Those looking to buy a home in Mississauga ? or anywhere else, for that matter ? need to understand that while you are most likely to fall in love with a certain home at first sight, there are certain things that you just can?t take for granted. Keeping in mind that many of the things you may not like about a house occur on the interior and are things that you can fix if you want, we have outlined the three areas where you need to pay the most attention when buying a Mississauga home in order to ensure that you make a good investment.

General Appearance

First impressions do count for a lot in real estate, and for buyers this is the way it should be. Often what you see on the outside of a house for sale is a good reflection on what you can expect inside. If the flower beds are overgrown with weeds, the lawn is not kept up, fences are in poor condition and so on, it is pretty likely that the inside of the house and the various systems needed to keep it running and in good repair are all suffering as well. Of course, you have to consider the season as well; no house can be presented at its best in the winter or spring thaw in Mississauga! Even then, however, you will probably get a good idea of potential problems if you were to buy; street run off and so on.


While a bad exterior appearance is a sign of an unkempt house, you might not end up paying through the nose if you decide to buy. The roof is another matter entirely.

Most roofs need to be redone every 15 years or so, and a roof that hasn?t had a scheduled repair can be very bad news indeed for the whole house. Leaks are the main enemy here; water that is let into the house after rain or snowmelt may do serious damage to your internal structures. Watch out for roofs with lots of loose shingles; that?s your first sign that some maintenance needs to be done. Make sure to check for water damage in the attic before you buy!


Finally, and most importantly, make sure that the foundation of the house you are looking at is solid before you buy. The basement is usually where you can find out anything you need to know about the foundation; look out for cracks in cement, but be especially wary about cracks in the walls (drywall, and even studs). A shifting foundation or one that has not been laid properly is the worst nightmare for a new home owner; your whole house may be useless!

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A High End Kitchen with a fixed budget By: Gary Nealon

After a recent trip to the Home Depot and the disappointment I felt after seeing the prices and quality of their kitchen cabinets; I decided to look online. I came across various sites promoting kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, but then found an RTA kitchen cabinet site. As I read through the site, I realized that even though RTA stood for ready to assemble, it did not mean you needy to be super handy to put these cabinets together.

Being a little bit knowledgeable of kitchen cabinets made me aware that there were pre assembled cabinets out there; what I did not realize is the savings and the ease of these RTA cabinets.

First, the savings, because lets face it, if you can?t put them together, you can always hire someone. But we will get to that in a little bit. There are a wide range of sites promoting RTA kitchen cabinets and RTA bathroom vanities, but only a small few actually have good prices. I found the direct importers were offering the best savings and what a savings that was. After a price comparison with a local store, a mega store, and a retail online store, I concluded that I was going to save about $2100.00 on kitchen cabinets. Then it hit me, there had to be a catch? There was, it was the shipping. It was going to cost me $285.00 to ship. But it?s not really a bad catch when you are still saving almost two thousand dollars!

I then re-visited the idea of assembling these cabinets. I found that the cabinets had only one page of directions and seemed easy to assemble. Also the tools required were a screwdriver and a drill. You actually don?t need a drill, but it made life easier. So I ended up putting all the cabinets together, no problems at all and I probably saved my self a few thousand dollars that would have went to a contractor.

I can?t admit to putting the cabinets on the wall or installing the base cabinets, but that part of the new kitchen did not cost too much. I had all the assembled cabinet waiting and I had the old cabinets removed. By the way, sell your old cabinets on Craigslist, I did and got a good amount of money. So at this point I had invested in the cabinets and a small amount of money for the contractor. I was still under three thousand dollars.

Now I was ready for the end product. The kitchen looked fabulous. The cabinets are solid wood fronts and all of the cabinets are paneled wood sides. No particleboard or fake wood is used in the RTA kitchen cabinets. Because of this, you get a great looking kitchen. My contractor was impressed with the RTA kitchen cabinets and so has everyone else that has walked through my kitchen. People always assume that I have spent eight to ten thousand on my kitchen. When I tell them the price, people do not believe it. Hence, my high end kitchen at a bargain price.

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A few reasons to buy real estate in Panama By Clint Jhonson

Many people invest in Panama real estate just because they’ve heard it is a good bet, and simply because it is as cheap as it could be. However, these are not the only reasons for investing in this beautiful country. The motivations are so numerous and so convincing that hundreds of smart investors are turning their attention towards this newly discovered paradise for retirees. They are now profiting from the benefits of a flourishing country, attractive through its natural beauty and modern, tempting cities.

If you are not certain whether to buy or not real estate in Panama, you should also take into consideration what this country offers. First of all, think about the rich history. You will actually see buildings and structures dating from the 15th century. It’s not for nothing that Panama is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations. And, aside these historical buildings, the country is also rich with modern architecture, combining old and new and giving the cities a unique, particular flavor, difficult not to fall in love with.

Anyone looking to invest in Panama real estate will discover that the local people are friendly and welcoming. Panamanians welcome foreigners who visit or want to live in their country. If you buy real estate in Panama, you will certain enjoy the local cuisine, culture and numerous possibilities to enjoy your time in an unforgettable way. Panama is one of the best places to get in close contact with unique people. In combination with excellent lifestyle opportunities and affordable real estate, it’s impossible not to understand the attraction this country poses.

Many people choose Panama as their next vacation destination. Some of them go as far as to purchase Panama real estate, visiting these unique locations every time they feel the need to escape the daily routine. There are plenty of tourist guides to take advantage of; you can hire them from a specialized company or choose one of the locals. With their help, you will discover the beautiful shores of Panama and other beautiful sights. There are plenty of things to see in Panama. When you will return to your real estate in Panama, you will definitely feel like you are in heaven.

One last thing you should keep in mind is the real estate tour, which is actually a tour of potential future homes. Basically, you get up in the morning, take a camera and your notepad, and visit all the locations that you think you can invest in. And not only those – if you already bought Panama real estate, you can actually see other locations, telling your friends and relatives about them. This way you can see other properties advertised under real estate in Panama, analyzing all of your options.

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A Brief Tour of the Historic Bovaird House By Rob Parker

People visiting or living in Brampton Ontario with an interest in cultural, architectural, or local history, or even those just looking for something to do for an afternoon, might be interested in visiting Bovaird House, the city?s only historical residence. Built around 1952, Bovaird house has seen extensive renovations in the last couple of years that allow it to accurately reflect the way it would originally have appeared.

The architectural style

The Bovaird house is indicative of the architectural style preferred by the wealthy and powerful in the middle of the 19th century, that is to say it is distinctly Georgian in nature. Indeed, it encompasses all of the general characteristics associated with this style, including the hipped roof, a chimney on both sides, and large windows.

The Bovaird house was originally a farmhouse, as hard as that might be to believe from its surroundings today. Still, the architecture and the rooms inside the house still strongly reflect this heritage. It is also constructed of red brick, which was taken out of a nearby quarry.

The floor plan

The outlay of the Bovaird house is typical of the19th century farmhouse. The basic floor plan includes a main floor and a second floor, with a cellar that was used for storage.

The second floor includes four bedrooms and also includes the area in which the labourers who would have worked on the farm would stay during the busy seasons. These quarters cannot be accessed through the main staircases, and must be entered through a stairwell running up from the kitchen.

The kitchen itself is located on the main floor, along with the parlour, the carriage room, two smaller rooms which may have served as bedrooms in periods of high occupancy, the dining room and the main entryway. In total there are five fireplaces located in the house, including those in the parlour and the dining room. The kitchen includes an authentic Dutch oven.

The house has been redecorated and refitted throughout in order to give visitors an idea of what life would have looked like domestically for an upper class Canadian family in the 19th century. Wood planking is used on the floors, and each room contains period furniture as well as several artifacts located throughout the house.

A visit to the city?s only historic residence is well worth it if you are in Brampton. Everything about the historic Bovaird house has been designed to take you into the Canadian lifestyle of over a hundred and fifty years ago.

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