A Taste of Saskatchewan – A Little Something for Everyone By: Rob Parker

Have you ever experienced what it is like to be in the middle? Perhaps you are the middle child in your family, or maybe you have come in somewhere in the middle in a marathon race. If so, then you know that no matter what you have achieved, you are generally going to be overlooked, however unfairly, because of what has happened at the beginning and the end.

Well, this weird fact does not only apply to families or races, but to geography as well. One example is the province of Saskatchewan, which lies right in the middle of Canada. Too often people think of Saskatchewan as a place that is simply on the way to somewhere else, but in fact this beautiful province has several features that give it its own flavour. Let?s take look at a few of them.

Prairies like nowhere else! Saskatchewan is unique in Canada because it is the only province that can boast a true prairie make up in the majority of its geography. This means that the climate is perfectly suited to farming and other agricultural activity, and in fact this is made easy by the soil and the shape of the regions. It?s also ideal for various motor sports pursuits.

Forests! Prairie is not all that can be found in the province. The northern parts of the province are located on the Canadian Shield, and that means plenty of boreal forests and all the opportunities that come with them. Hunting, fishing, and cross-country skiing are all popular past times in the northern regions.

Diversified economy. Because of the difference in the regions of Saskatchewan, there are several ways in which a person can make a living. Mining, forestry, agriculture, and tourism make up a large portion of the economy, but recent expansion has allowed Saskatchewan residents to take hold of much more diversified opportunities such as finance and insurance.

The RCMP. Perhaps one of Saskatchewan?s biggest claims to fame is that all of the members of Canada?s famous Mounted Police receive their training in Regina.

Whether you are looking for large cities, such as Saskatoon and Regina, or smaller towns (right down to farms with miles between them!) Saskatchewan has something to offer everyone.

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